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photos by @testonactocphotography

I grew up watching the gravel roads turn paved in the small Arctic town of Kotzebue, Alaska. My childhood summer days were spent performing for tourists from all across the world.


As a young adult, I flew to any opportunity that presented itself to me. From a spontaneous studio in Los Angeles, to an international symposium in Geneva… from studying on a ship throughout the Panama Canal to reconnecting with Inuit from Chukotka to Kalaallit Nunaat… I am a woman of wonder. I am curious about life.


My only real solid answers lie within the stories told through poetry and astrology. So, I thought I would share them through Braiding Convos and Cosmic Cues.

Read more about my passion projects below! 

"The most arduous, rugged social change begins and endures with the gentle, brave breaking apart and putting back together of personal identity. Soul work is a private root of the public flower of social change."

-jaiya john

a therapeutic tool

based on the 

astrology system


The very core to who you are and how you present yourself based on where each planet was the moment you were born.


AM/Sun: Identity

PM/Moon: Emotion

Mercury: Voice

Venus: Value

Mars: Energy

Foundational Cosmic Cues are presented with a personalized PDF, a 20-min video and a

40-min one-on-one session.


A specific astrological timeline of your personal growth and discipline. The Social Cosmic Cues are important dates that create sequences throughout your life.

Jupiter: Abundance 

Saturn: Restriction 

Monthly horoscopes are only available if you've purchased Foundational Cosmic Cues.

New Moon: looking forward

Old Moon: looking back


The societal perspective of astrology and how it collectively affects us all. 

Uranus: Sudden Change

Neptune: Hidden Conflict

Pluto: Total Transformation

Individual wellness is a crucial element to the health of an entire community. Generational Cosmic Cues will be publicly shared through IGTV and other social platforms.



poetry on love, culture, trauma and faith

I get caught within my stories all the time. When I'm with my friends, our convos go off in many directions. There are so many stories we let go of because we turn them into new ones and forget where we were going. 

Braiding Convos is the act of talking all over the place, but being able to eventually bring it back to the center. The center is the relationship between the storyteller and the listener. That bond between them is the braid that holds us all together. 

"I'm going to have to follow up with you for some advice."

-President Obama 
that one time I joked with him in Kotz

"you need to slow down and take some deep breaths when you talk to people."

-Chief Oren Lyons 
that one time I spoke at the United Nations

"what else was I going to do? just listen to you talk about it at the kitchen table?"

-My Father 
that one time I mentioned the way he made me attend community meetings as a teenager

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