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I grew up watching the gravel roads turn paved in the small Arctic town of Kotzebue, Alaska. My childhood summer days were spent performing traditional stories and dances for tourists from all across the world.


As a young adult, I flew to any opportunity that presented itself to me. From a spontaneous studio in Los Angeles, to an international symposium in Geneva… from studying on a ship throughout the Panama Canal to reconnecting with Inuit from Chukotka to Kalaallit Nunaat… I am a woman of wonder. I am curious about life.


My only real solid answers about my existence lie within the stories told through poetry and astrology. Braiding Convos is a visual poetry project where I share my insights on love, culture, trauma and faith. Culture Cue is a one-on-one service where I guide conversations with Natives about their cultural identity. Cosmic Cues is an astrology brand where I provide birth chart readings, regular astro advice and public horoscopes. 

"The most arduous, rugged social change begins and endures with the gentle, brave breaking apart and putting back together of personal identity. Soul work is a private root of the public flower of social change."

-jaiya john

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"I'm going to have to follow up with you for some advice."

-President Obama 
that one time I joked with him in Kotz

"you need to slow down and take some deep breaths when you talk to people."

-Chief Oren Lyons 
that one time I spoke at the United Nations

"what else was I going to do? just listen to you talk about it at the kitchen table?"

-My Father 
that one time I told him I'm outspoken now because he made me use my voice as a teen