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a therapeutic tool based on the astrology system

The Cosmic Cues tool is not your average experience of astrology. It is an analysis of time based on celestial bodies. The planetary orbits will be traced and connected to the moment you were born. 

This birth chart reading will provide therapeutic understanding of your time on earth and in the universe. To me, astrology is like using both math and creative expression to enhance self-awareness. With your Cosmic Cues, we will talk about how to grow into your potential based on your birth chart.


The very core to who you are and how you present yourself based on where each planet was the moment you were born.


Sun: Identity

Moon: Emotion

Mercury: Voice

Venus: Value

Mars: Energy

Foundational Cosmic Cues are presented with a personalized PDF, a 20-min video and a

40-min one-on-one session.


A specific astrological timeline of your personal growth and discipline. The Social Cosmic Cues are important dates that create sequences throughout your life.

Jupiter: Abundance 

Saturn: Restriction 

Monthly horoscopes are only available if you've purchased Foundational Cosmic Cues.

New Moon: looking forward

Old Moon: looking back


The societal perspective of astrology and how it collectively affects us all. 

Uranus: Sudden Change

Neptune: Hidden Conflict

Pluto: Total Transformation

Individual wellness is a crucial element to the health of an entire community. Generational Cosmic Cues will be publicly shared through YouTube and other social platforms.

  • 5.55 US dollars
  • Serious inquiries only. This is for easy external booking & handling.

    1 hr

  • Let Jacquii support the functionality of your astrological birth chart

    1 hr 30 min

    75 US dollars
  • Indigenize your therapeutic process by starting with a 3-part series.

    1 hr

    75 US dollars