Updated: Jul 26

Jacquii with a Cue is brand new! Sort of. There is a totally new website and the products in her shop are managed by new companies. This change makes it easier for you to navigate the site and have better access to the rest of her services. Unfortunately, this means that the Inuit products you've been ordering are now *slightly* different than before. But, don't worry! Jacquii will make it up by launching new collections more often. The great news is that she'll be able to help more directly with your orders and questions about status and confirmations. In the end, this shop change is great for a lot of reasons that you'll see throughout the fall.

Jacquii with a Cue is a complex business and merchandise is only a small part. Not only is shopping for products going to be much easier for you, you'll also to see more about her other services and events:

Cosmic Cues first started out as an IGTV series where Jacquii talked about what was going on in the universe. It is finally turning into a more accessible resource for learning more about astrology. Each month, there will be a new moon Cosmic Cue Guide that shares all that you need to know about planetary energy for a month. This is a downloadable service for only $5.55 and you'll learn about what important dates to watch for and how to get the best out of each month.

Jacquii provides one-on-one birth chart readings for $75 dollars per session. This is a renewable service that you can book any time you want to go deep into what's on your chart but also, each new booking focuses more on what's currently happening for it. It's fun for birthdays, wedding planning, big life events, confusing periods, and more. The last Cosmic Cues services is a monthly event on the Third Thursday of every month, when the Sun goes into a new sign. Consider this an IRL version of the new moon guide, also for $5.55. The fun part is that it's a Zoom session with others who are interested in astrology and Jacquii facilitates a fun conversation for the month ahead.

Braiding Convos is a passion project and Jacquii hopes to someday turn into a published book of poetry and essays. It's her creative thoughts on topics around love, culture, trauma, and faith. For now, she shares it in blog form so if you subscribe to her email list, you'll receive updates when she shares new pieces. Visit her blog now to see what she's already shared. Find the donate button to support the potential publication.

This sounds like a lot but, it's only the beginning! The new website relaunch makes it easier for Jacquii to share and manage all the different kinds of work she does. Subscribe to the email list to keep seeing this platform grow.

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