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Distant Love

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Walking around the tundra of my mind my thoughts on love are easy to find the leaves I taste and the skies I hear from a couch in the city as I open a beer

the full moon on the land as the summer ends the timing is on brand as this moment bends around my thigh and across the ice a new layer of existence as we roll the dice

let's see what happens let's see what this is as this season dampens it is what it is.


Dancing around the beat of a soul after a temporary but necessary lull the song you carry and the vibration it holds has a newer meaning as the story grows old

another moon arrives and the sun moves on a season comes alive as another goes on

there is a wind that I fear beyond the silence that we hear and a spiral of thought from a circle that holds a dot of the universe we can see but here lies a frozen story.


Driving around the gravel roads of a spirit we might already know it's been here before and it came back for more from down the river of your heart and cross my world in a twirl

the kind that's still from a grounded will. the story starts and I arrive in four parts.


You'll see me in the spring time within a different light but of the same kind of fight

You'll see me in the sunshine of a summer's day the kind that doesn't always promise to stay

And in the fall you'll see me again.

Now comes the winter as another year ends.

Where are we gonna go? What are we gonna do?

Is this something you know? Is this love even true?

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