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Shame of Destructions

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

I sit to write out the revelations

to start conversations

on the bodily invasions

of girls men use to cure sexual frustrations

The two boys in the stories that I mention

saw me as a girl without protection

they used their erection

and looked my direction

but who am I?

and what strength do I hold?

to put a stop to an action so cold

“Don’t dress like that!”

is what I’ve always been told

When women are taught

to not be a target

we turn our cheek from

men out for profit

saying we’ve brought this upon ourselves

and it’s our own fault

they’ve decided to delve

fifteen years and eight days out of the womb

this guy got a hold of me in a dark, quiet room

holding my purity in a chokehold

he gave me an experience that couldn’t be told

I thought he was someone I could trust

until he reacted out of lust

and he eventually cussed

at me in bed when I fought and I fussed

fast forward five years ahead

and I find myself in another guy’s bed

he’s saying it’s nothing but fun and games

but when I said no, he put me to blame

by adding more fuel to the flame

when I couldn’t be tamed

he spoke to me like I should be ashamed

he consistently kept begging me please

and then asked if it was because I had a transmitted disease

making me weak with sexual coercion

I was almost this close to letting this hose in

so here I tell the stories for you to hear

of a woman who’s been silenced with fear

I look to my neighbors in confusion

when hearing the statistics of the nana region

until this summer I thought I was alone

but when the mission of MISS became well known

the physical stats had instantly shown

three friends of mine

were also victims of the crime

but they felt unworthy and covered in grime

turns out soap doesn’t clean what’s wrong

and it still hurts when the bruises are gone

but would they have confessed

if I hadn’t started this mess?

see, this topic of discussion seems to be well known

but it is hidden without questions

so we’re ultimately hidden with the shame of destructions

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